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Facing the Dragon

How a Desparate Act Pulled One Addict Out of Methamphetamine Hell
By David Parnell with Amy Hammond Hagberg

After more than twenty-three years addicted to methamphetamine and other drugs, David Parnell put an SKS assault rifle under his chin and pulled the trigger. The blast took off half his face, yet somehow he survived. They called Parnell the “miracle man” at the Nashville hospital where he’d been pronounced clinically dead. Following an afterlife experience where he briefly experienced hell, David woke up in the hospital, and he was changed forever, both physically and emotionally.

In Facing the Dragon, readers will witness the slow, agonizing metamorphosis of a good-looking high school athlete into a violent, drug-dealing, psychotic wife beater whose children were terrified of him. In graphic detail, they will relive his suicide attempts and then walk alongside him as he endures countless surgeries to reconstruct his decimated face and learns how to cope with his hideous disfigurement.
Parnell is clean and sober and is making the most of the second chance he’s been given, bringing his message about the dangers of meth and other drugs to schools, prisons, churches, and antidrug organizations around the world as a full-time lecturer.

By experiencing the nightmare of his life-—and his brief glimpse of hell–readers will find hope and healing when facing their own life-threatening dragons. Purchase Amy’s books at

How Do You Know He’s Real? God Unplugged

By Amy Hammond Hagberg

Are All CHRISTIANS stuffy old PEOPLE sitting (or sleeping in church on SUNDAY morning?) NO!

Most Christians are people with problems just like you. Being famous doesn’t make their lives any easier. They still struggle with anger, drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, despair, and disappointment. Whether they are Olympic gold medallists, musicians, professional athletes, or extreme sports fanatics, they know that God is real—and here are their stories. Life takes courage to wake up and face each day. Find out where some of today’s most amazing young people get their strength to face each day, and how you can tap into your inner strength and discover the power of God Unplugged!

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100 Answers to 100 Questions to Ask Before You Say “I DO”

By Amy Hammond Hagberg

Getting married is the biggest decision of your life. Now you can make it with confidence, knowing what questions to ask to ensure your compatibility for a life of happiness together.

100 Answers to 100 Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do” gives you the most important considerations, including . . .

  • How well do you really know each other?
  • How will you manage conflict?
  • How will you practice your faith together?
  • How important is romance to you?
  • What are your family, career, and financial goals?

100 Answers to 100 Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do” is your timely and tested guide to a future of marital bliss. Don’t walk down the aisle without it!Purchase Amy’s books at

How Do You Know He’s Real?

By Amy Hammond Hagberg

Here is a book that will warm your heart and make you smile all day

How Do You Know He’s Real? contains 34 real-life stories about celebrities who know God is real because of their personal relationship with Him.

Well-known sports, film, TV, and music celebrities talk candidly about:

  • Miracles & Prayer
  • Marriage & Healing
  • Success & Despair
  • Abortion & Sex
  • Addiction & Death
  • Forgiveness & Salvation
  • Joy & Love

These “happily-eternally-after” stories read in stark contrast to today’s depressing, tragedy-focused headlines that feature some athletes and movie stars. In this encouraging and uplifting book, Christians blessed with professional career success share their very personal stories about life in the spotlight-and love in God’s light. How Do You Know He’s Real? is a testimonial treasure that will warm your heart and your reality. You are not the only one who believes the way you do. In fact, some very famous and influential people share your faith in Jesus!

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The Big Gig

The Big Gig is much more than just an intriguing and comprehensive insider’s guide to breaking into the music industry as an independent musician. Compelling and thought-provoking, it is an excellent resource for leadership training, networking techniques, and personal development. The Big Gig is the first book that describes the inner workings of the highly competitive music industry as seen through the eyes of a world-renowned and highly successful musician. The Big Gig provides a template for success by covering the vocational, personal, and spiritual aspects of a musician’s life. The Big Gig is much more than educational. It is inspirational, motivational, and life-changing.Purchase Amy’s books at

My Favorite Christmas

By Amy Hammond Hagberg

Readers will look back with fondness to their own favorite moments surrounding the Christmas season as they catch a glimpse into the humorous, lighthearted, and spiritually poignant memories of some of their favorite Christian personalities from all walks of life, including actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, and authors. The stories and anecdotes from contributors like Steven Curtis Chapman, Jimmy Carter, Natalie Grant, Jerry Jenkins, Nicole C. Mullen, Luis Palau, Kurt Warner and many others—will be a Yule time pleasure for readers.  Amidst the rush and hustle of the season, My Favorite Christmas inspires us with down-to-earth and heavenly heartwarming stories from favorite celebrities—and helps us reflect on our own cherished holiday moments. Purchase Amy’s books at

Prison to Ph.D.

A Memoir of Hope, Resilience, and Second Chances
By Jason Sole, Editor Amy Hammond Hagberg

From Prison to PhD: A Memoir of Hope, Resilience, and Second Chances is the inspirational autobiography of Jason Marque Sole, a former drug dealer, leader of a notorious street gang, and a three-time convicted felon who completely turned his life around. The eldest of three children, Jason was raised on the mean streets of the south side of Chicago by a father who was addicted to cocaine and an overburdened mother who was left to pick up the pieces. Tired of having empty pockets, Jason joined a local gang and quickly rose to a lucrative position of authority. When he was sixteen, Jason’s mother sent him to live with relatives in Waterloo, Iowa in an effort to save him from the allure of the streets, but his attraction to easy money and a life of crime was too powerful. At the age of 18, Jason was caught with a firearm and received jail time along with probation. At 21, he was caught with 18 grams of crack cocaine and convicted of second-degree possession of a controlled substance. Jason was released from prison on work-release after serving two years. But he knew the only way he would ever truly succeed was if he got an education. At the age of 25, he began his undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice and became a tireless community volunteer. In 2005, he was set up by his best friend and faced over 9 years in prison. He gained a lot of support from the community which helped him secure a downward departure. Jason took the most of his second chance. In December 2006, he earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, followed by a masters degree just a year and a half later. He is now in the final phase of earning his PhD in Public Safety Leadership with a specialization in Criminal Justice. Jason Sole is living proof that one can overcome the difficulties of poverty, gang membership, and violence. Purchase Amy’s books at

What’s Your Problem?

Discovering God’s Greatness in the Midst of Your Storms
By Emily Edwards, Editor Amy Hammond Hagberg

The Big Gig is an intriguing and comprehensive insider’s guide for independent musicians who want to break into the highly competitive music industry. And it’s much more! The Big Gig is a metaphor for the big picture of life. Purchase Amy’s books at


Loving Yourself From the Inside Out
By Barbara T. Marshall with Amy Hammond Hagberg

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see wrinkles, blemishes, fatigue and pain or a beautiful reflection of a woman of strength, good character, courage and passion? It s hard to remember that true beauty is not what s on the cover of fashion magazines. Are you able to look beyond whatever physical flaws you may have and truly love yourself? Every woman wants to be regarded as beautiful and valuable… and you are! So what is holding you back from believing it? In Ransomed, author and speaker Barbara T. Marshall draws upon the lives of five amazing women from the Bible Rahab, Naomi, Hannah, Deborah, and Martha that beautifully illustrate God s ability to ransom hearts, revive tired and wounded spirits and reveal the incredible loveliness He has placed within each of us. She also shares her own personal struggles with eating disorders, a broken marriage, troubled teens, and financial hardship and explores how they have shaped her character. Who should read this book? If you struggle with feelings of inadequacy, emotional wounds, hidden pain, or just playing the comparison game with other women, this book is for you. Ransomed will help you learn to become confident with who you are and what you look like, both inside and out. Unveil the incredible woman God created you to be! Then you will be able to truly love yourself and thrive as a beautiful woman. Companion study guide also available. Purchase Amy’s books at


The Gestapo Hunters Hardcover

By G. C. Wakefield, Editor Amy Hammond Hagberg

In 1943, evil wears a long leather coat and red swastikas and spreads terror throughout the world as members of the Danish Resistance find themselves in a vortex of violence and espionage, constantly matching wits with the ruthless German Gestapo.

The Resistance convinces twenty-eight- year-old Danish war widow Margo Schoenemann to go undercover in a race to prevent the Nazis from obtaining vital atomic research from world-renowned atomic physicist Niels Bohr and to thwart the Gestapo’s efforts to destroy the Danish underground. A waitress at a diner frequented by the Nazis, she can cultivate important contacts. To secure the future of Denmark, she works for the Gestapo by day, and the Resistance by night.

As the contest reaches its climax, the patriot’s only hope rests in a fearless group of Allied airmen who would become known as the Gestapo Hunters. It falls to RAF officer Ted Grayson to overcome personal tragedy and lead a handful of daring airmen on a climatic raid to rescue Resistance leaders and to crush the Gestapo threat in Denmark.

The Gestapo Hunters embarks on a cataclysmic and daring retelling of true events at a time when the world was on fire and evil strutted across Europe.

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